Aside from my work as a model maker for the advertising industry, I have a wealth of experience creating beautifully finished trophies, awards and presentation pieces for many high profile international companies.

These have included:

      • Kraft Jacobs SuchardLand Rover G4 Trophy WinnersLand Rover G4 Trophies
      • SWEB
      • Lloyds Private Banking
      • Siebe Gorman
      • Medallion Energy Saving Homes
      • Ernst & Young
      • Benson & Hedges
      • Land Rover G4 Challenge                                                                                                      

An extensive knowledge of materials, together with a well equipped studio, enable me to offer advice on achieving the best possible results within budget, whilst my attention to detail ensures a highly finished end result – a beautifully designed trophy shouldn’t just look the part but should have weight and tactile feel when handled.

Working as an individual I’m able to discuss creative ideas directly with potential clients, therefore avoiding the confusion that occasionally occurs when dealing with larger organisations and, as with all my commissions, I’m able to provide details, images, etc. etc. as the project progresses.

If you have an event or promotion that requires a unique piece, or pieces, that truly reflect the core values of your brand then please don’t hesitate in contacting me to discuss the possibilities…