Mark Russell - Model MakerI am passionate about my work, viewing every commission as an opportunity to exceed a clients expectation of what is achievable whilst still working within the tight budgets demanded in these tough economic times.

My original training as an architectural model maker has instilled a precision and attention to detail that, I hope, is evident in all my commissions and, with over 25 years experience as a creative, I take enormous pride and derive huge satisfaction from each and every new project.

Originally based in London I worked for several years as part of a small team, at a fledgling company, producing high-end models and effects for many international television advertising campaigns.

In the late 80’s I made the decision to leave London, have a family and set up a studio in the beautiful, unspoilt countryside of rural Herefordshire and it is from here that I began concentrating on model making for stills photography.  At that time re-touch facilities were viewed as a last, and extremely costly, resort and my ability to create highly finished pieces, whilst working to incredibly tight deadlines, earned me an enviable reputation amongst well respected photographers with many of my commissions continuing to be shot in central London studios.

Times change and although the general day-to-day need for such highly finished work has been superseded in the world of advertising, with the advent of cost effective digital re-touching, it’s still hard to equal the natural qualities achieved using traditional models.  As something tangible, a well executed model representing a clients specific product can always be used in future campaigns or for exhibition display, etc.

My work also encompasses other promotional pieces – trophies, awards and highly finished items for presentation. An extensive knowledge of materials combined with my well equipped workshop, which includes facilities for vacuum forming, moulding, sculpting and precision engineering, allows me to rapidly turn around projects that are beyond the realm of most, high volume, manufacturers.

As you’ll discover from this website I’m also involved in other creative projects and I always welcome the opportunity to discuss potential commissions, however large or small, so please feel free to get in touch and chat through your ideas…