Living Van

Living Van Chassis_thumbThe building of a traditional Herefordshire roadman’s living van using the original Marshall Sons & Co wheels and associated ironwork from a vintage chassis.

The image opposite clearly shows the starting point for this build, the chassis had lain unprotected in a Herefordshre hedgerow for over 20 years and was about to become my next project!

The poor state of the decayed woodwork was obvious from the start and it’s quite remarkable that, with the help of our trusty Hilux, we were able to drag the whole from its long term resting place and onto the waiting trailer in one piece.

This whole project came about as a result of interest in our own shepherd’s hut build and, following a visit to view my work, I was commissioned to create something similar that’s to be used as additional guest accommodation at a property in Normandy.

It’s a fabulous project that I’m fortunate to be able to work on alongside other commitments and I’ll update this page with details / images as time allows…

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Vintage Living Van Chassis_thumbVintage Living Van Chassis 2_thumbVintage Living Van Chassis 3_thumbTowing Vintage Chassis_thumb Herefordshire Living Van_thumbVintage Living Van Chassis 4_thumbVintage Living Van Chassis 5_thumbChassis on Trailer_thumbLiving Van Lower Turntable_thumbDamaged Marshall Wheel_thumbRestored Leaf Springs_thumbRestored Leaf Springs 2_thumbBlast cleaning Vintage Wheels_thumbBlast Cleaning Marshall Wheels_thumbMarshall Wheel Gainsborough_thumbRestored Marshall Wheels_thumbsVintage Living Van Ironwork_thumbTurntable Stamp_thumbNew Living Van Turntable_thumbNew Living Van Turntable 2_thumb